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Recording Track Layers

Ready to Podcast?

We are the premier podcast producer in Clarksville, TN, if your in the market for starting a podcast, skip the startups and let us handle the leg work of Recording, Production and Publishing.

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Joi Mosley

#AskJMO Podcast


Chris Moses, Sr.

MHC Podcast


Damarius Smith

MHC Podcast

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Dizzy Hampe

For The Record Podcast

Why choose us?

We have 2 podcasts that we fully produce in house with all original content plus several clients that have chosen our company to produce their podcast also. We've built podcasts from 0 to thousands of followers and continuing to grow our reach into different genres of content.

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How involved do you want to be ?

We offer a variety of podcast services that we offer that can meet your needs, There are 3 different stages of creating a podcast and we like to take a moment and describe the differences to help you make an informed decistion.

Do you need a Podcast?

Yes....and No.....It's complicated!!

Podcast provide a format for you to talk about the fine details of what you do as a business or service. It can be an excellent way for you to build your audience and connect with customers/potential clients in a more intimate way. The number one rule of business is ABC (Always Be Closing)!! This a fantastic way to continue to promote your brand everyday with short clips, long form videos, and giving people an insight to who you are and what believe in.

Check out our Work

Still not convinced ? Take a look at our best work and 

decide for yourself. We take pride in what we do and would like to produce a podcast soon for you !

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